Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics recognizes that all athletes succeed at different rates. Students are placed in appropriate class or group based on ability. All instructors make a sincere effort to ensure that each gymnast experiences success.

Methods and Progression

Progression techniques are used to promote the student's learning and safety.  It may seem that the gymnast is not progressing, or is repeating previous skills. It must be remembered, that the gymnast must master basic skills before moving to more advanced ones. 


The staff of Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics consists of a highly qualified group of instructors, who are all experienced in either teaching gymnastics, tumbling, cheer or sports fitness. All of the staff are CPR certified and have coached multiple state champions



We encourage girls to wear a leotard but athletic shorts and a t-shirt is fine. ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY ALLOWEDBoys should wear shorts and a t-shirt and socks.  Long hair should be pulled back from the face. If not appropriately dressed, the gymnast may be restricted from some or all activity. Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics pro-shop has an extensive line of gymnastics clothing, which may be purchased for class or personal use.

Gym Closing

The gym is closed at any time Vigo County School Corporation is closed.


Once the first class is held after the trial class we do not offer a refund. We realize that illness, injury, family problems, etc., may at times make this difficult and we may still be able to work a credit on future classes.

Make-ups for Missed Classes

A student who misses a class can make up the class at a different time IF the class is not filled to capacity or if someone is absent.  All classes missed should be made up by the end of the next session. We allow two (2) make-up's per session, per class. If you know in advance that you'll be absent, please let us know, so that we may schedule someone else into a class.

Priority Re-Enrollment

On the ninth week of a ten-week session, you are able to pre-register through the web portal for the next session. The dates of this re-enrollment period are clearly posted on our website.  There are no exceptions to class maximums.


There is a $30 annual registration fee for each family. This fee is 
non-refundable, and is used to defray the cost of insurance, which we must carry on all participants. 

Class Interruption

WVTG reserves the right to remove a child from class if they're disruptive to the point that the instructor cannot teach the class effectively.