Frequently Asked Questions


WVTG accommodates all skill levels: from the recreational student to the aspirational competitor to the serious athlete looking for scholarship possibilities.

How do I sign my child up for a class?

We have three easy ways to sign up:

  • Call us 812.235.9884
  • online
  • or at the front desk. 

Is there a particular time of the month that I need to sign up?

You can sign up for a class anytime, as long as there is a spot available in the class. Our excellent front desk staff will automatically pro-rate all tuition.

When is tuition due?

Immediately upon enrollment and then anytime before the next session to ensure that your place in the class is held.  

Do I get a discount for an additional child or additional class?

Yes, 15% for the 2nd child or the 2nd class per week

What should my child wear?

Girls may wear a leotard or shorts and a TUCKED T-shirtA boy must wear shorts and a TUCKED T-shirt.

ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY!! It is a danger to both the Athletes and the Coaches

How do I schedule a makeup class?

At the front desk when you come in for your regular class. Once you schedule a makeup, we consider the class made up whether or not you attend the makeup.