Why choose Jing Shen Kuoshu?

Fitness ~ Martial Arts ~ Health & Wellness

Jing Shen means "Essence & Spirit" in Japanese. This philosophy is what defines Jing Shen in developing this system as a Martial Science for better results. The use of Kinesiology, Physiology, and Spiral Dynamics redefines the learning process to help any type of person, even with injuries or adaptive therapy to increase their speed, power, agility, coodination, and balance.

Our Health & Wellness Programs in Functional Fitness and Martial Arts is an amazing life-changing experience that will affect you for the ultimate Mind, Body, & Spirit knowledge.

The Master Instructors here at JSK have dedicated their lives to gain this knowlege so that they can pay it forward to you to carry on and live a healthier and safer life. We provide a safe environment and make the training so fun that it becomes an addiction to making this a "Way of Life".

Functional Fitness:

Learn how to gain more than just lifting weights and cardio machines in your workouts. While those are great tools, you need to also learn the main fundamentals behind Fitness to become Functional Fitness.

Balance, Coordination, Agility, Speed, and Power are essential for everyday movements at work, home, in sports, or any other type of Athleticism.

We focus on Spinal Postual Alignment and Bio-Mechanics to teach the "hows" and "whys" for the techniques and effects for the body to mentally learn faster, and then the body follows faster.

The Martial Science:

Fighting should be avoided whenever possible. However, if a confrontation should turn violent or aggressive, Jing-Shen Kuoshu (JSK) is the most effective hand to hand combat system to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Not only is JSK is the most complete SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM available, It has been tested and proven by people of all backgrounds (Amateur Boxers, Pro MMA Fighters, Military Personnel including Special Forces, Security Staff, and Law Enforcement) Amazingly, JSK requires no strength or athleticism, it is very easy to learn and user friendly.

Anyone of any age or physical ability can learn to use this self defense system very effectively in a relatively short period of time, and at the same time discover that they can do things they never thought possible!

Most martial arts studios today either want you to train to sport fight, or they focus your training on learning history, language and tradition. In doing this, they have lost the focus of practical self defense training.

To truly master real self defense, one must constantly evolve to the streets, the newest weapons being used, and be aware of the popular fighting systems (sport and self defense). That is what separates JSK from the rest. Constant evolution and dedication to our clients. 

Come see the difference of training in Martial Science & Functional Fitness!