Schedule & Registration

Our schedules change each session.  We make every attempt to post our schedules as far out as possible.  Please phone (715)252-9134 with any questions or concerns having to do with our schedules.


Our schedules work with our four sessions:  Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  We make every attempt to post the schedules as far in advance as possible. 

We will offer online registration this fall.  We should have our new webpage up by August 10th.  Here is our fall schedule for planning purposes.


We take registrations prior to the start of each session.  There is a one-time annual registration fee of $42.  Registrations have to be completed only one time per year unless information recorded on the form changes during that time.  



Signing the registration form secures your place in a class.   The trial fee is $20 per hour..  

We allow 2 make-ups during each session.  Team is excluded from this policy.