General Rules and Policies

  • Upon arrival, please read through gym rules posted around the facility. Also, please check in at front desk when available. If no sign-in sheet or directions are available, please check-in with your trainer.

  • If you are entereing the upper level to use the baseball/softball cages, you must sign in on the clipboard located by the stairs. Only Premium members or rentals are allowed upstairs.

  • Please be respectful of the facility and lobby area. An adult must supervise children in the waiting area and lobby for their safety.

  • Shoes: please ensure your child has proper shoes for their activity (i.e., non-marking basketball shoes for basketball, athletic/training shoes for sports performance training, etc.).

  • Children of all ages must wait inside the building until their ride arrives. Children should be picked up promptly after their class.

  • The Lab Athletic is closed on all major U.S. Holidays.

  • The Lab Athletic is NOT responsible for any lost/stolen belongings; please do not bring your valuables into the facility.

Payment Policies and Procedures

Programs vary and there will be different cancelation policies depending on the program chosen. All payments are final, no refunds will be provided (unless specified in that program's terms).