Competitive Team News

Meet Reservations

The First Half Meet Deposit was placed October 1st billing cycle and the Second Half Meet Deposit will be placed on November 1st billing cycle.  There are many team accounts that have not been paid, therefore IHG can not complete the registration process for the meets for all of our athletes.  

Fees have been sent in for the first 3 meets for all athletes regardless if your athlete's account was paid or not, however, the remaining meets on the schedule will not be sent in for your athlete until the account balance is paid after the November 1st billing cycle.  

On November 7th at midnight we will register all athletes for the remaining meets who have a zero balance.  If your acount has a balance then your athlete will be registered once the account has been paid.  Please note if not paid by November 7th: this could mean that the competiton has already filled up or that the deadline for IHG to register your athlete has already passed.  We apologize although the facility of IHG appears large is a very small business and is not able to offer short term loans.   

Flame Halloween Meet

Athletes attending this meet are allowed to ride with IHG.  We will leave from the gym parking lot at 9:45am on Saturday October 13th and we should be back around 8:30pm.  Please pack a sack lunch and healthy snacks for the ride.  Athletes competing in this meet should wear their exhibition leotards, and bring with them other decided costume items.  If you would like to send your athlete with IHG, please email us and let us know so we can plan accordinly.  We will need to know if your athlete is riding with us no later than the closure of practice on Thursday.  


 Mock Meet 

We will host our annual Mock Meet on October 27th.  This meet will help the athletes feel ready for season.  This meet is free of charge to the athletes.  Please arrive at your time listed dressed and ready.  Competitive wear will be handed out as soon as it all arrives if the balance for these items have been paid.  We will host a questions and answers sessions between the two meets from 11:00-12:00pm to go over any questions you may have regarding meet season.  

Mock Meet Schedule

Level 2 & level 4 - 8:00am 

Level 3 & Level 5 and up - 12:30pm 


Team News

The competitive team news will continue to be posted here until we have everyone registered into the system.  We can not switch the way we handle the team news until then.  Please continue to check the team news weekly to stay infomred.  Remember I do not post anything with less than two weeks notice if at all possible, so if you are checking weekly you will stay informed.  

Updated Note From Accounting 9/20/18

We have almost everyone registered now.  Please remember that while we will continue to email invoices as in the past you now can log into your account at any time.  You can see current invoices as well as a summer report for future invoices.  I also suggest reading the team information page if you have not yet done so.  This page gives you an explanation of fees associated with the competitive program as well as which sessions you can expect to see what fees on your invoice.  If we ever make a change to this schedule it is always annoucned on the team news.  However you must be checking the team news in order to stay up to date with the team.  

Save the Date : Champions Compulsory Camp - June 21st - June 23rd (Friday - Sunday) 

Save the Date : Champions Optional Camp - July 11th - July 13th (Thursday - Saturday)