Competitive Team News

Level Placements for the upcoming 2018-2019 meet season!!  If your athlete's name is not placed on this list then the level they will compete for the upcoming season has not been decided yet or they might be medically unable for a level to be decided therefore may be sitting out of competitions until full training can resume.  These will continue to post over the next few weeks.  The level team they are placed in will be the level practice time that they will need to attend.  

Level 2 Team: Madilynne Henry, Vivian Green, Sarah Margaret McClure, Adel Marchand, Hattie Lord, Claire Guthrie, Madeline Putt, Ollie Brewer, Cameron Pace, Claire Lammers, Jordynne Allums

Level 3 Team:  Sophia Lu, Christen Nicerson, Violet Guice, Alex Enns, Amelia Rice, Lucy Busfield, Rachel Simmons, Harper Hoffman, Sadie Janes, Ava Cash, Sullivan Bell, Mary Oliver Woods, Lilla Gordy, MaryMack Grobmyer, Riley Nelson

Level 4 Team:  Olivia Nony, Savannah Qualls, Hartley Meyer, Emann Love, Amaria Love, Isabella Baker

Level 5 Team: Macy Boswell, AnnMarie Cole, Stella Cochran(will do mobility meet), Betsey McClure (will do mobility meet), Maggie Montgomery (will do mobility meet) 

Level 6 Team: Molly Mason (will do mobility meet), Annie Tennille (will do mobility meet) 

Level 7 and up team: Itatí Harris, Annabelle Quillen