Pre-Team news

 Mock Meet 

We encourage all of the pre-team members to attend this meet.  This helps them better understand what they are working towards.  These atheltes are welcome to be dropped off at the event and picked back up later on.  They can stay for any or all parts of the meets.  Parents are also welcome to attend.  

We will host our annual Mock Meet on October 27th.  This meet will help the athletes feel ready for season.  This meet is free of charge to the athletes.  Please arrive at your time listed dressed and ready.  Competitive wear will be handed out as soon as it all arrives.  We will host a questions and answers sessions between the two meets from 11:00-12:00pm to go over any questions you may have regarding meet season.  

Mock Meet Schedule

Level 2 & level 4 - 8:00am 

Level 3 & Level 5 and up - 12:30pm