Team Information

Team Information

Attendance at your Regularly Scheduled Practices

  • Attending your scheduled practice is imperative to your gymnastics development. The schedule for event rotations, conditioning, and team discussion and education are prepared in advance to insure that each gymnast receives the proper amount of training and skill development on all events.

  • Attending a different time (team level) of practice does not give the gymnast the same benefit, as the practice scheduled for their level.

  • The head coach will let you know if she feels it would be beneficial to make-up a scheduled practice at another time during the week.

About Meet Fees and Schedules

  • Each meet charges a participation fee per gymnast. IHG is informed of this fee as each meet approaches.

  • Some meets will charge a team fee; others include this in their participant charge. When charged separately, this fee is divided among the number of gymnasts attending the meet and becomes part of your IHG fee.

  • There is an IHG fee associated with meets (this varies depending on the number of athletes competing, travel expenses, the number of coaches needed on the floor, and the number of sessions at each meet, as well as the team entry fee as stated above).

  • Other fees: As it gets closer to time for the meet, the facilities hosting the meet will send me t-shirt, etc order forms for things the gymnast may want to purchase. These items will be posted on the team news page, with instructions on placing your order if you so choose.

  • Goody bags or a small gift are often given to gymnast at the end of competition by the hosting facility.

  • Schedule for meets are decided at the state meeting. IHG will select what meets we will be attending and those weekends will be put on the website. Times and exact day of the meets (Fri or Sat or Sun) is up to the hosting facility. It will be added to the website as soon as IHG receives it. There are cases where we do not know what day of the weekend your level is scheduled to compete until as late as the week before.

  • You should expect your session of the meet to last ~4 hours.

USAG Information

The USAG Rules and Policies can also be found on the USAG website and on the bottom of the registration page for the competitive teams of the IHG website. This will be read to the team prior to their first competition. You should receive your gymnast's competition number on a card in the mail after IHG processes them. I keep all of their numbers on file. Under the obligations of athlete members it does state for them to keep this on them during competitions in case it needs to be shown to a meet director.

Fees associated with participating in competitive gymnastics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Team Registration ($70) which covers your IHG Registration Fee 

  • USAG Membership 

    • ​Level 2 Team (around $35)

    • Level 3 and up (around $60)

  • Team Class Fees (Monthly Dues) due on the 1st of the month that is most closely assoicated with that session of the semester.  

  • Meet fees required by hosting facility due upon registration of the event (between $65 and $125 per meet), state and regional meets may run higher.  

  • IHG fees due on the statement following the event (varies as stated for the above reasons, it has historically been between $35 and $60, but may be higher for out of state meets).

  • Camp fees if attending summer camp due on registration for the event (camp is optional, and prices vary greatly depending on camp location, etc).

  • Extra Practices/Routine Clinic (varies based on length of practice, it has been historically charged at your team rate per hour).

  • Floor Music (optional levels only) historically $50-60.

  • Team Meet Deposit ~ $100 per meet (applied toward final meet balance)

Team apparel includes but is not limited to:

  • Exhibition leotard (every competitive athlete gets one and wears to specific practices and events, including camp if registered; it has historically been between $35-$60).

  • Competition leotard (price depends on material and design; it has historically been between $185 - $250).

  • Hair scrunchie that accompanies leotard

  • Team wind-suit (price depends on material and design; it has historically been between $65 - $200).

  • Hair clips, Hair spray, etc.

  • Flip flops/Shoes

  • Team bag (~$55).

Planning for payment of fees in addition to session fees:

 Summer Session 1 invoice includes:

  • Team Registration

  • Exhibition Leotard

  • Team Bag

  • Summer Camp deposit(s)-if attending

Summer Session 2 Invoice includes:

  • Summer Camp remainder-if attended

Fall Session 1 invoice includes:

  • Competition Leotard

  • Competition Wind Suit

Fall Session 2 invoice includes:

  • First Half Meet Deposit

  • Floor Music (optional level gymnasts only)

Fall Session 3 Invoice includes:

  • Second Half Meet Deposit

Spring Session 3

  • Meet Fee Balance

Other supplies for gymnastics as deemed necessary by the coaching staff including but not limited to:

  • Grips (after kip obtained on bars)

  • Beam shoes

  • Athletic tape

  • Orthotic braces (costs for these items vary)

  • Choreography ($100-$150+) depending on the choreographer and event

Team bag for meets should be packed with the following required items:

USAG card                                         Hair Accessories

Notebook and Pen                            Healthy Snack (No candy)

Water bottle with screw on lid          No electronics or cell phones

Flip flops/Shoes                                 Athletic tape

Chapstick                                           Pre-wrap

Arrival time:

The open warm time listed for the meets is the time the gymnast begins to warm up. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to this time.

Admission fees

The hosting facility often has an admission fee for children and adults. This fee normally ranges from ~$5 to $15.

Hair at the meets and at Practice

Each gymnast hair must be pulled back and out of their face. There are many hair styles gymnast wear. If your child has very long hair they will need to double loop their pony tail somehow, so that when they are upside down it is not touching their hands.

Bras and Panties

No panties under leotard please. Bra straps should be hidden. Just like the movie Stick It there are deductions for these things showing. There are gymnastics briefs and bras that can be purchased at the gym if a child decides they are uncomfortable without.

Nails and Jewelry

No nail polish on fingers or toes. Only stud ear-rings are permitted, one in each ear.

I have a team member’s item by mistake:

At times gymnasts will get home from practice or meets with a team mates flip flops, meet bag, meet warm-up, etc. In the event that this happens, please return the item to the gym and place in the proper team mate’s locker. Let Coach Brandi or Audra know, so that they can contact the team mate with the lost item.  Following this plan is the best way to avoid confusion!